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KS3 - Peasants' Revolt

All questions and answers from this set. It was one of the largest uprisings in English history. Take this educational quiz and test your historical knowledge of the tumultuous events of this period.
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Question 1
Who was the main leader of the Peasants' Revolt?
Wat Tyler
Question 2
What year did peasants' revolt broke out? (YYYY)

The riots broke out on May 30, 1381.

Question 3
Which European country was England at war with when the uprising broke out?
Question 4
What english county did uprising break out?
Question 5
Who was english ruler at the time of the Revolt?
Richard II
Question 6
Match person with his role.
John Ball
one of revolt's leaders
Thomas Brinton
Bishop of Rochester
William Walworth
Lord Mayor of London
Question 7
Where did the king hide from the enraged mob?
Tower of London
Question 8
Pick correct sentences.
Rebels entered London on 13 June.
Wat Tyler was viciously poisoned.
The insurgents burned London to the ground.
The main reason for the uprising was the introduction of the poll tax.
After Tyler's death, king revoked all the concessions he had made to the rebels.
Despite the suppression of the riots, the revolt forced the king to abolish serfdom.
Question 9
When did Wat Tyler die?
on 15 June
Question 10
When did revolt end?
November 1381
Question 11
What happened to Watt Tyler's body?
his head was placed atop a pole and exposed for public
Question 12
What age was the king when the revolt was going on?