Quizzes: history

Ancient Greece - Dates
Test your Ancient Greece history knowledge. DO you know most notable dates in ancient Greece history?
Ancient Mesopotamia Quiz
What do you know about ancient mesopotamia? Take this test and find out!
Ancient Rome history
How well do you know ancient Rome history? Take the quiz and test your knowledge of ancient Rome battles, politics and caesars.
Battles of the ancient world
Can you name the battles of ancient world? Test your history knowledge on this quiz.
Great Geographical Discoveries - Dates
Do you know the dates of great geographical discoveries in history? Answer all questions and test your knowledge.
Medieval Europe - dates
Test your history knowledge of medieval Europe. Questions about most important dates.
Monarchs of England, Name to Date
Do you know the years of English Kings and Queens ruling?
Quiz: Frédéric Chopin
What do you know about Frederic Chopin? Test your knowledge!
Quiz: History of Poland
How much do you know about Poland and its history? Take the quiz.


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