Quizzes: paintings

30 Most Famous Paintings of All Times
Do you know the 30 most famous paintings of all times? Check it out!
Art of Mesopotamia
What do you know about ancient Mesopotamia art? Test your art history knowledge.
Quiz: Art Déco
What do you know about Art Déco? Check it out!
Quiz: Caravaggio paintings
Can you name Caravagio paintings from picture? Test your Caravaggio art knowledge.
Quiz: Francisco Goya paintings
Can you name those paintings by Francisco Goya?
Quiz: Impressionism art
Have you ever heard about Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Auguste Renoir? Check your knowledge about Impressionism!
Quiz: Prehistoric art
What do you know about the prehistoric art? Can you name paintings and sculptures? Test your knowledge.
Vincent van Gogh
What do you know about Vincent van Gogh? Check your knowledge!


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