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Quiz: Jupiter

All questions and answers from this set. What do you know about biggest planet in the Solar System? Take the quiz about Jupiter?
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Question 1
Does Jupiter have a solid surface?
Question 2
Jupiter composition is about 90% of .... and 10% of ....
Question 3
The first person to actually view Jupiter in a telescope was?
Question 4
Jupiter was discovered in year:
Question 5
In the 1660s, .... used his telescope to discover spots and bands across the surface of Jupiter, and was able to estimate the planet’s rotational period.
Question 6
Currently Great Red spot on the surface of Jupiter is .... and could .... in .... years.
Question 7
The mass of core is .... earths, and the planet itself is .... times mass of Earth.
Question 8
What is significant about jupiter's density?
it's close to the density of water
metallic core not possible
it has frozen ammonia surface under layers of clouds
Question 9
The color of Jupiter is not really red. It has white and .... regions on the surface. Jupiter is mostly made of hydrogen and helium, both of which are ..... The surface colors are due to different kinds of .... found in clouds in the atmosphere.
Question 10
What is at the very center of jupiter?
rocky core
Question 11
What comet struck jupiter providing information about impacts?
Shoemaker-Levy 9
Question 12
Jupiter has at least .... known moons. The largest four are called ...., ...., ...., and .... Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.
Question 13
4 largest Jupiter's mooon are called:
Galilean moons
Question 14
What is the largest moon out of Jupiter's moons?
Question 15
Moon on this photography is: