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Quiz: Michelangelo - art and life

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Question 1
Michelangelo was born in a _______________________.
Florentine village
Question 2
When Michelangelo was born?
in March 1475
Question 3
What's the name of the most popular sculpture of Michelangelo?
Question 4
What year did Michelangelo begin painting the ceiling of the Sistine chapel?
Question 5
Who was Michelangelo's patron?
Lorenzo de Medici
Question 6
What was the one statue that Michelangelo carved his name on?
Question 7
What's the title of the sculpture from 1499?
Question 8
Which of these works is NOT attributed to Michelangelo?
The Last Supper
Question 9
Michelangelo created about 30 sculptures.
Question 10
What's the real name of Michelangelo?
Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni
Question 11
What's the title of the painting of Michelangelo?
The Creation of Adam
Question 12
What material did Michelangelo prefer to work with?
Question 13
Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the main chapel of the Vatican Palace, the Sistine Chapel.
Question 14
Where did Michelangelo receive his commission for Bacchus?
In Rome
Question 15
Along the 12,000-square foot ceiling, Michelangelo painted stories from the __________________________.
Old Testament