Quiz: Uranus

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One of largest planets of Solar System - Uranus. Take the quiz ant test your knowledge.

Question 1
Who discovered Uranus?
Question 2
Uranus is the .... planet from the Sun.
Question 3
Uranus is:
Question 4
Uranus orbits the Sun once every:
Question 5
Composition of Uranus atmosphere is:
Question 6
Uranus average distance from the Sun is roughly:
Question 7
The difference between Uranus minimum and maximum distance from the Sun is:
Question 8
The Uranian axis of rotation is approximately parallel with the plane of the Solar System, with an axial tilt of:
Question 9
Uranus's mass is roughly .... times that of Earth.
Question 10
How many known moons orbit Uranus?
Question 11
How many rings does Uranus have?
Question 12
Largest moon of Uranus is:
Question 13
Among the Uranian satellites, .... appears to have the youngest surface with the fewest impact craters and .... is the oldest.
Question 14
Uranus escape velocity equals:
Question 15
Is Uranus a planet with retrograde rotation?
Question 16
Wind speeds on Uranus can reach:
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