Solar System Planets

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Do you know planets of solar system? Can you name biggest moons of Solar System?

Question 1
What's the name of this planet?
Question 2
How many moons Venus have?
Question 3
What is the orbital period of Mercury?
Question 4
Between orbits of which planets an asteroid belt is located?
Question 5
How many moons does Jupter have?
Question 6
What is the average surface temperature on venus?
Question 7
Which planets rotate in a different direction?
Question 8
Martian moons are:
Question 9
Titan is a moon of:
Question 10
Average radius of Mars is:
Question 11
What is Jupiters average distance from Sun?
Question 12
When Neptune was discovered?
Question 13
What is the composition of Uranus atmosphere?
Question 14
Average radius of Saturn is:
Question 15
Cordelia, Bianca, Desdemona are moons of:
Question 16
Which planet in Solar System has almost 24hr rotation period?
Question 17
Match planet with it's orbital period:
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