Clouds and cloud types quiz

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Can you name clouds of different types? Cloud identification quiz.

Question 1
A cloud forming a continuous uniform layer, similar to stratus but occurs at medium altitude .
Question 2
Thick and puffy clouds on middle elevations.
Question 3
Low elevated clouds that produce rain and snow.
Question 4
Cloud forming a continuous horizontal grey sheet, often with rain or snow.
Question 5
Low elevated cloud forming rounded masses heaped on each other above a flat base.
Question 6
Cloud forming a towering mass with a flat base. Low elevation. Often a flat top, as in thunderstorms.
Question 7
Small, high elevated cottony rows of clouds.
Question 8
The highest clouds made of ice crystals.
Question 9
Cloud forming a thin, more or less uniform semi-translucent layer at high altitudes.
Question 10
Layered and puffy clouds on middle and lower elevations.
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