John Adams biography test

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In this quiz you are about to test your knowledge of biography and political activity of US president John Adams. Good luck!

Question 1
Which U.S. president in turn was John Adams?
Question 2
When and where was he born?
Question 3
At age 16, John Adams began his education at:
Question 4
What was the name of John Adams's wife?
Question 5
How many children did the presidential couple have?
Question 6
Susan, one of the President's daughters died prematurely. What was her age?
Question 7
Who served as vice president during John Adams' term?
Question 8
Under whom did John Adams apprentice to study law?
Question 9
What was John Adams' role just before he assumed the presidency?
Question 10
As a lawyer, John Adams took on (albeit reluctantly) the defense of Thomas Preston, the commander of British forces responsible for the bloodshed among civilians. The event, during which five American civilians lost their lives, is named:
Question 11
In what year was John Adams elected to Continental Congress?
Question 12
Who ruled Great Britain during John Adam's political activity?
Question 13
John Adams was appointed as ambassador to which European country in 1780?
Question 14
When John Adams was appointed as the first American ambassador to Great Britain?
Question 15
How many electoral college votes did he recieve in 1788–89 United States presidential election?
Question 16
In what year did John Adams take office as President of the United States?
Question 17
What was the name of the U.S.-French diplomatic scandal that led to a quasi-war at the beginning of John Adam's presidency?
Question 18
What was the cause of the outbreak of the American-French affair?
Question 19
The U.S.-French quasi-war has been ended under the arrangements of:
Question 20
President John Adams was:
Question 21
What was the name of a law, signed by president John Adams in 1798 that restricted the freedom of expression of the press?
Question 22
Which US Department was established by the Congress during the John Adams presidency?
Question 23
What nickname did John Adams earn for himself?
Question 24
Who was his greatest opponents among the federalists?
Question 25
Who was the vice presidential nominee of the Federalists party in 1800 elections?
Question 26
What election result did John Adams achieve when confronted by Thomas Jefferson?
Question 27
What did John Adams do in his political retirement?
Question 28
What newspaper did he publish to?
Question 29
What year did he start his correspondence with Thomas Jefferson?
Question 30
When did John Adams die?
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