Quiz: What do you know about Poland?

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What do you know about this central european country?

Question 1
What is the capital of Poland?
Question 2
The longest river in Poland is:
Question 3
By which sea is Poland located?
Question 4
How many national parks are there in Poland?
Question 5
What is the name of the Polish currency?
Question 6
How many countries does Poland border?
Question 7
What is the highest peak in Poland?
Question 8
In which year did Poland regain its independence?
Question 9
What traditional Polish dish is shown in the picture?
Question 10
With which European country did Poland federate and merge into one state organization during the Middle Ages?
Question 11
How many people live in Poland?
Question 12
Who is the character in the photo?
Question 13
Has a Polish citizen ever been in space?
Question 14
What is the dominant religion in Poland?
Question 15
Which of these retro cars was produced in Poland?
Question 16
What is the name of one of the last primeval forests in Europe that is located in Poland?
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