Quiz: What do you know about Slovakia?

About this quiz

Test your knowledge about this central European country. Good luck!

Question 1
How many inhabitants does Slovakia have?
Question 2
Which of the given cities is the capital of Slovakia?
Question 3
Highest peak in Slovakia is:
Question 4
What is the national animal of Slovakia?
Question 5
What is national dish of Slovakia?
Question 6
Which of these countries does Slovakia not border?
Question 7
Which country on the map is Slovakia?
Question 8
Longest river of Slovakia is:
Question 9
When did Slovakia join the European Union?
Question 10
In which team sport is Slovakia most successful internationally?
Question 11
How many national parks are located in Slovakia?
Question 12
Jakie kolory wchodzą w skład Słowackiej flagi? (multiple choice)
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