Test: Hundred Year's War - Dates

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Do you know the dates related to Hundred Years' War?

Question 1
Begining of War. Phillip VI of Frnace confiscates Aquitaine.
Question 2
Battle of Crecy
Question 3
Battle of Poiters
Question 4
French begin to regain territory
Question 5
Battle of Agincourt
Question 6
battle of Orleans, Charles VII crowned king of France.
Question 7
Joan of Arc burned at the stake
Question 8
French reconquer Normandy and Aquitaine
Question 9
Hyndred Years' War ends
Question 10
Joan cleared of hearsay charges and declared a martyr
Question 11
Treaty of Troyes
Question 12
The Battle of the Thirty
Question 13
Treaty of Brétigny
Question 14
The defeat and death of Charles of Blois at the Battle of Auray
Question 15
The siege of Orleans.
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