Catherine Howard Quiz

About this quiz

What do you know about one of King Henry's Henry VIII wives? This quiz will test your knowledge of history. Good luck!

Question 1
What year was Catherine Howard born in?
Question 2
What family relationship did Catherine Howard have with Anne Boleyn?
Question 3
What was her mother's name?
Question 4
Was Catherine Howard able to read and write?
Question 5
Who took care of young Catherine after her mother's death?
Question 6
How could you describe her character?
Question 7
What was her favorite thing to do?
Question 8
What was the name of the music teacher with whom Catherine probably had an affair?
Question 9
When did Catherine Howard catch Henry VIII's eye?
Question 10
When did she marry Henry VIII?
Question 11
Where did the royal wedding take place?
Question 12
With whom did Catherine have a romance during her marriage to Henry VIII?
Question 13
How was Catherine Howard executed?
Question 14
Give the date of her death.
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