Anne of Cleves Quiz

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What do you know about Anne of Cleves, one of King Henry's Henry VIII wives? This quiz will test your knowledge of history. Good luck!

Question 1
When was Anna of Cleves born?
Question 2
The place of her birth was:
Question 3
Who was Anne of Cleves betrothed to at age 11?
Question 4
Who was the chief architect of Anne's marriage to Henry?
Question 5
Was Anne of Cleves the only candidate for Henry's VIII wife?
Question 6
Was Anne of Cleves an educated woman?
Question 7
Was she illiterate?
Question 8
When Anne of Cleves met Henry VIII for the first time?
Question 9
What did Henry say about Anne after their meeting?
Question 10
Give the date of Henry and Anne's wedding.
Question 11
Did Henry ever consumed the marriage with Anne?
Question 12
How long the marriage lasted?
Question 13
What happenned to Anne after marriage annulation?
Question 14
When did she die?
Question 15
What was her most likely cause of death?
Question 16
Which of Henry VIII's wives was Anne of Cleves?
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