Catherine Parr Quiz

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What do you know about one of King Henry's Henry VIII wives? This quiz will test your knowledge of history. Good luck!

Question 1
When and where was Katherine Parr born?
Question 2
Did she have any siblings?
Question 3
In what languages besides English did she speak fluently?
Question 4
How many times did she get married?
Question 5
What was her attitude toward euducation?
Question 6
Who was her first husband?
Question 7
Her only true love was:
Question 8
Catherine Parr was a supporter of:
Question 9
What relationship did Catheryn have with the children of her second husband John Neville?
Question 10
In what year were Catherine and her stepchildren held hostage in Snape Castle during a religious riot?
Question 11
How did Catherin's life turn out after John Neville's death in 1543?
Question 12
Where did King Henry VIII send Thomas Seymour to get rid of him as a competitor for Catheryn's hand?
Question 13
In what year did the wedding of Henry VIII and Catherine Parr take place?
Question 14
Catherine was the first Queen of England that was also a Queen of....
Question 15
How many books did Catherine Parr published?
Question 16
From which marriage did Catherine have offspring?
Question 17
How did her marriage to Henry VIII end?
Question 18
What amount of allowance was established by Henry VIII for Catherine before his death?
Question 19
WHat year did she marry Thomas Seymour?
Question 20
From her marriage to Thomas Seymour, Catrerine gave birth:
Question 21
How and when did Catherine died?
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