Monarchs of England, Name to Date

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Do you know the years of English Kings and Queens ruling?

Question 1
Henry II
Question 2
Charles II
Question 3
Henry I
Question 4
Question 5
Henry VI
Question 6
Edward VIII
Question 7
Edward V
Question 8
Question 9
Henry VIII
Question 10
Edward II
Question 11
Richard III
Question 12
George I
Question 13
George V
Question 14
William II
Question 15
James II
Question 16
George IV
Question 17
James I
Question 18
Richard I
Question 19
Edward IV
Question 20
Henry VII
Question 21
William IV
Question 22
Question 23
William IV and Mary II
Question 24
George VI
Question 25
Edward I
Question 26
Charles I
Question 27
Edward VI
Question 28
Henry III
Question 29
Henry IV
Question 30
Jane Grey
Question 31
Richard II
Question 32
George II
Question 33
Edward III
Question 34
Elizabeth I
Question 35
Edward VII
Question 36
Mary I
Question 37
George III
Question 38
Question 39
William I
Question 40
Henry V
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